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About Me

Katherine is currently licensed by the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor and is a Registered Play Therapist. She is also an Intermediate Theraplay Practitioner, TBRI Practitioner and EMDR Certified Therapist.  She holds a Master's degree in Counseling from the University of North Texas and Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology from Texas Woman's University. 

Katherine’s passion is helping parents  

who are struggling to connect,

communicate, and relate to their

children find more meaningful and

enjoyable relationships during the brief

formative years when family is the

greatest source of support.  She

specializes in not only helping to provide

a safe, secure environment for parents to

understand and process their feelings

and experiences, but in supporting them

with resources, education, and training

so parents can feel better supported and

equipped to handle the often emotional

roller coaster of child-training.


Katherine’s love for helping families

find connection and engagement  led

her to focus on a specialty of helping

children who struggle with attachment,

developmental, and complex trauma. 

Often children who had been adopted.  Not only helping children to heal

from the painful, often neurological effects of trauma, but now equipping parents with resources, information, and tools to engage, regulate, and nurture their beloved child.

When she is not spending times with clients or writing, Katherine enjoys time with her husband, two sons, and an ever growing brood of dogs, cats, and chickens. Learning, growing, and constantly being humbled by parenting, gardening, and aging.  

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