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Parent Training/Coaching

Parent training and coaching is the primary focus and specialization of my work.  I believe the most important influence and agent of change in a child’s life is his/her parent or guardian. Helping to support, encourage, and train the parent as well as working to enhance the parent-child bond is integral to the development of any child’s emotional life.  Parent training/coaching is typically solution-focused meaning that although it is important to sometimes understand what motivates behavior, we remain focused on the now and things that can be done to address it. Issues that can be addressed in parent training/coaching are: 


  • Understanding Attachment

  • Resolving Communication Issues

  • Parenting Dilemmas

  • Understanding the Effects of Trauma

  • Implementing TBRI/ETC

  • Developmental Issues

  • Mild School Behavior Issues

  • Self Esteem Issues

Individual/Family Therapy

My goal is to create a safe therapeutic bond that provides a non-judgmental environment where an individual is allowed to grow, heal, and change. Focusing on understanding your interpretation of your life, experiences, and beliefs is integral to the counseling process.   I offer individual counseling to adolescents 16+, families, and parents who are looking for deeper exploration of the past and the why of their current circumstances, behaviors, and feelings as well as ways to process through them.  Issues that can be addressed individual counseling are:

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Abuse

  • Ongoing issues at school

  • Long Term Self Esteem Issues

All individual, family, and parent coaching sessions are typically 50 minutes in length and occur

on an interval (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) that best fits your needs and therapeutic goals.  

Sessions can be held in-person, by phone, or through a HIPPA compliant web platform.

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