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When COVID-19 Has Taken Over the World….

Updated: Sep 8, 2020


  • Build a fort

  • Bake cookies

  • Make dinner together

  • Play games (search “free family games” on the internet for ideas for all ages)

  • Have a family talent show

  • Learn some fun yoga poses

  • Read books out loud

  • Put on a puppet show (make your own with socks and crafts) or play

  • Make up your own scavenger hunt

  • Set out craft supplies and make masks

  • Use sidewalk chalk to make the outdoor driveway a canvas

  • Print downloadable, free coloring pages

  • Start a windowsill or container garden

  • Draw a picture or write a letter to someone who is ill or isolating at home

  • Do some extra chores to earn money and donate it to an organization helping those most affected

  • Start a gratitude jar

  • Make a calming jar or worry doll

  • Play a board game

  • Work on a puzzle together

  • Blow bubbles outside

  • Play red light/green light and mirror/shadow/echo


  • Stay active to promote mental and physical health

  • Have specific reading/homework time (free learning printable online)

  • Encourage hobby time to promote autonomy and self-expression, even if they can’t get to their dance classes, etc. they can still practice with you at home

  • Encourage chore time to promote resiliency, autonomy, and challenge

  • Have plenty of unstructured and structured play time to promote engagement and creativity

  • Keep meal times/bed and wake up routines/screen times as you normally would have

  • Allow some monitored screen time if it connects them to friends (FaceTime)

REMEMBER…. Take care of yourself.  Exercise, meditate, remain spiritual, call support people regularly, read a good book, laugh at all the hilarious memes, watch a good show on Netflix, listen to music, remember that the ladybugs and bees are coming out right now and go find one, breathe.  All of this will pass.  Hug your kids.  Smile.  And add your own note to their gratitude jar.

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